Jan Lelis

Projects around the Ruby programming language

Blogs / Web

Documenting all Ruby specialities
Documenting the gemified standard library
Opinionated Ruby style guide
Ruby blog 2009-2015

Terminal / CLI Libraries

ANSI terminal colors
System's clipboard access
Terminal spinner animation
Command-line argument parser, inspired by node's minimist

Unicode Libraries

Terminal string width
Detect and generate Emoji
Detect visually confusable characters
Collection of more Unicode micro libraries
Low-level codepoint properties, like assignment status or blankness

Ruby Debug Utilities

Improvements for Ruby's IRB console
Syntax highlights inspected Ruby objects
Allows you to use gems not in your Gemfile
Print debugging utils

Core Ruby Enhancements and Experiments

Validate method arguments and results (type checking)
Enhance objects with Publish-Subscribe capabilities
Read-only structs
Sugar for null objects
Pass multiple blocks to a method
A tiny Ruby redux inspired by Dan Abramov's screencast
Collection of tiny refinements


The Ruby gem for contentful's Delivery API
Improved Ruby snippets for Sublime Text 2/3/4
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