Jan Lelis

Independent Full-Stack Software Solutions

Web Applications and Beyond

Your organization wants to make the world a better place?
Let's build an awesome product together!
Excited about modern web technology, lean architecture, robust code, accessibility
Techs: Vue.js, React, Ruby/Rails, Node.js

Non-Profit Work

Free video call platform (WebRTC based)

Code / Open Source


Documenting all Ruby specialities
Documenting the gemified standard library
Improvements for Ruby's console
The Ruby gem for contentful's Delivery API

Unicode Analysis

Notable characters, codepoints, resources
[CLI] Visualizes the encoding of a string
[CLI] Describes Unicode codepoints of a string

Security Tools

[CLI] Password manager based on AES256(CBC) and PBKDF2

Code / Talks

Ten Unicode Characters You Should Know About as a Programmer
@ RubyConf 2017, New Orleans
WebRTC: Das Web auf dem nächsten Level
@ EnterJS 2014, Cologne
Tweak your Ruby Consoles 2011 Edition
@ eurucamp 2011, Berlin


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