Jan Lelis

Independent Full-Stack Software Solutions

Web Applications and Beyond

Your organization wants to make the world a better place?
Let's build an awesome product together!
Excited about modern web technology, lean architecture, robust code
Techs: Vue.js, React, Ruby/Rails, Node.js

Non-Profit Work

Free video call platform (WebRTC based)

Code / Open Source


idiosyncratic-ruby.com up to date with Ruby 3.1
Documenting all Ruby specialities
stdgems.org up to date with Ruby 3.1
Documenting the gemified standard library
Improvements for Ruby's console
The Ruby gem for contentful's Delivery API

Unicode Analysis

Notable characters, codepoints, resources
[CLI] Visualizes the encoding of a string
[CLI] Describes Unicode codepoints of a string

Security Tools

[CLI] Password manager based on AES256(CBC) and PBKDF2

Code / Talks

Ten Unicode Characters You Should Know About as a Programmer
@ RubyConf 2017, New Orleans
WebRTC: Das Web auf dem nächsten Level
@ EnterJS 2014, Cologne
Tweak your Ruby Consoles 2011 Edition
@ eurucamp 2011, Berlin


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